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Supporting Career Development for the Next Generation of Veterinary Professionals


The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine was the first in the nation to implement an office dedicated solely to career development for veterinary students and alumni, thanks to a generous endowment from Dr. Harry ’54 and Dr. Don Bartels ’58.  It was a vision that had been in the back of the brothers’ minds for quite some time and was finally realized in November of 2012.

Dr. Harry Bartels has a long history of supporting the professional and business development of veterinary students.  In the mid 1990’s, he established The Dr. Harry F. Bartels and Eltha J. Bartels Veterinary Practice Fund.  “This Fund is used to further the curriculum of veterinary practice management including but not limited to training in human resources, financial management, and business marketing for veterinary students and practicing veterinarians,” Dr. Bartels said. “These courses are designed to provide our graduates with the skills needed to be able to earn a living and serve their future clients.”

In November of 2012, Director of Career Management Amanda Fark was hired to implement and run the Office of Career Management, which supports students in all aspects of their career development. Dr. Harry and his brother, Dr. Don Bartels, endowed the office in 2014. “With the changes in the economic picture confronting our new graduates resulting in huge school debts upon graduation, the advent of part time employment, and the issues of an uncertain economy, there has become a need for support for the new young veterinarians, and I’m pleased to be able to be involved in the establishment of the Ohio State Veterinary Medicine Career Management Office,” said Dr. Harry Bartels.

The Office of Career Management works in partnership with the Office of Professional Development to assist students in developing their professional competencies. The office offers one-on-one career exploration and counseling, resume and cover letter review, and hosts several events throughout the year, from networking to professional dress. All this would not be possible without the generous support of alumni like Dr. Harry and Dr. Don Bartels.

“I have always had a keen interest in developing and furthering the business side of veterinary practice. Little information and training had been provided in the Veterinary curriculum [when I was a student],” said Dr. Harry Bartels. He wanted to support a program that would give back for generations to come and support students’ professional growth. “Veterinary Medicine has been my life’s journey and passion. All that I have achieved over these many years including job satisfaction and many friendships are a result of the education I received at Ohio State and the College of Veterinary Medicine. To this I owe much and to this I have dedicated my efforts, time, talents and financial resources to advance the future of our College and the next generation of students and Veterinarians.”