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NIH Director’s blog

How COVID-19 Immunity Holds Up Over Time


Scientific America;text=Omicron%27s

Omicron’s Surprising Anatomy Explains Why It Is Wildly Contagious


Science news

How omicron’s mutations make it the most infectious coronavirus variant yet


OSU news release

Booster critical as COVID-19 vaccine-induced antibodies wane in 6 months, don’t protect against omicron


OSU news release

SARS-CoV-2 goes ‘underground’ to spread from cell to cell


OSU news release

Proteins that outwit emerging and re-emerging viruses


OSU news release

New data: COVID booster shots likely provide increased, broad protection against new Omicron variant in human patients with cancer


OSU news release

Neutralizing antibodies from single COVID-19 booster steadily decline