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Endocrinology Research Program


Bronze statue of horseThe Equine Endocrinology Research Program of The Ohio State University has the mission of investigating endocrine regulation and dysregulation in healthy and diseased horses and foals, with emphasis to in clinically relevant problems. Thanks to the support of the College, staff, students, private industry, friends, and various funding agencies, important discoveries in this area have been made.

Areas of Research



  • Dr. Eason Hildreth (PhD student)
  • Holly Brown (Student)
  • Krista Hernon (Student)
  • Brandy Marlow (Research assistant)
  • Feifei Wang (PhD student)
  • Kasia Dembek (Resident, MS student)
  • Kate Onasch (Student)
  • Alicia Griffin (Student)
  • Melinda Himler (Student)


    Our laboratory is equipped with state of the art equipment (PCR systems, imaging systems, microtomography, histology,) and has access to other shared instruments and research support cores within the College and the University.