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Wyman Residency supports specialty training and honors legacy

People are the foundation of the College of Veterinary Medicine’s ambition to Be The Model™ comprehensive college of veterinary medicine in the world. Being able to offer positions like endowed residencies allows the college to attract the best and brightest candidates and ensure our communities continue to have access to skilled specialists. 

The class of 1963 recognized the critical need for veterinary ophthalmologists when they created the Dr. Milton Wyman Residency Fund in Veterinary Ophthalmology in 1999. The position honors their fellow classmate, Milton Wyman, DVM, MS, DACVO.

(pictured at right: Seated, Milton Wyman, DVM (right) and his wife Marlyn. Standing, Eric Miller, DVM, (left) and first Wyman Resident and Maggie Fink, DVM, the current Wyman Resident.) 

Eric J. Miller, DVM, MS ‘14, DACVO, now an assistant professor comparative ophthalmology at Ohio State’s Veterinary Medical Center, was honored to be the first Wyman Resident. 

“I went to veterinary school thinking I would be a mixed practice vet back home in rural Mississippi. But as I was exposed to different specialties and areas of practice, I decided that I needed to specialize in something. I had this drive to be an expert in something. I was fascinated by the complexity of the eye and the delicacy of it. Ophthalmology includes surgery and medical disease, it encompasses a little bit of everything. It’s a mixed practice pathway, we treat every species, we truly do get training and practice on essentially every species.”

“I had done several internships and applied for a residency a couple of times before I received the Wyman Residency. It was a good feeling to know that the career that I wanted was going to happen for me, I had decided this was the only career path that would make me happy and satisfied in my career.”

Giving to honor a legacy of teaching and clinical excellence

Dr. Wyman began his training when ophthalmology was just emerging as a potential specialty for veterinarians. In fact, as a fourth year student, he taught a non-credit workshop on how to examine the eye and use different diagnostic tools. He trained as an ophthalmologist at Ohio State’s Medical Center and also trained at the Armed Forces Institute of Ophthalmic Pathology. After graduation, the course was added to the curriculum and Dr. Wyman continued to train students. Dr. Wyman was one of the first members of the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences and a Charter Diplomate and founding member of the American College of Veterinary Ophtlalmology.

According to Dr. Wyman, at that time specialties were limited. “If there was a problem with the eye, someone looked at it but no one really specialized in it.” 

Kerry Kettering, DVM ’72, DACVO, has supported the Wyman Residency for several years. His time training with Dr. Wyman and experience practicing as a veterinary ophthalmologist emphasized the importance of the care specialists can provide not only to referring veterinarians but the general public as well. 

“Through Dr. Wyman.  I received not only an excellent education in veterinary ophthalmology, but also the importance of communication with the general practitioner.  My 30-plus years in practice would not have been the same without Dr. Wyman and his support and encouragement. How could I not eagerly support the Wyman Residency?”

Your support  

The Wyman Residency is just one example of the impact giving can have on the veterinary profession and our communities. College of Veterinary Medicine programs are training the next generation of specialists. Funded positions like residencies and fellowships sustain access to care and inspire research discoveries that impact people and pets. 

To support the Wyman Residency, go here. To learn about other ways you can support other positions at the College of Veterinary Medicine, from professorships to chairs to positions at the Veterinary Medical Center, contact our Advancement Office at (614) 688-8433.

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