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Part three of Multicultural Advocacy Series

The College of Veterinary Medicine hosted the final installment of a three-part multicultural advocacy series on Wednesday, April 13th.  The title of the class was Why Don't You Understand Me?!, and was presented by Jaz Mickey, Program Manager at The Ohio State University Multicultural Center.

In the presentation, participants learned about debate, discussion, and dialogue.  Specifically, the differences between the three, and the goals of these different types of communication.  During the presentation, participants broke off into groups, and were given the opportunity to discuss a situation that could turn into a debate, discussion, or dialogue.  The groups then shared their findings with peers.  The excercise cultivated much thought-provoking discussion among the attendees.

Jaz was extremely passionate about the material she presented, which resulted in the precision of her teaching.  She successfully and humorously encouraged attendees to think about what they say, and why they say it.  Thank you Jaz!


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