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Part one of Multicultural Advocacy Series

The College of Veterinary Medicine hosted their first of a three-part multicultural advocacy series on Wednesday, March 24th.  The title of this class was Who Am I? Who Are You? Who Are We?, and was presented by Janae Cruz of The Ohio State University Multicultural Center.  

The presentation included topics like 'I' statements, social identity groups, and privelage.  During the presentation, participants were asked to create a social identity profile.  This entailed identifying different aspects of the participants' social identity, then examining which aspects of their social identity they were most aware of, aspects they thought about the least, and aspects they wanted to learn more about, among others.  

Janae was engaging and funny, yet suceeded in making everyone think deeply and seriously about the topics discussed.  She also cultivated respectful intelligent conversation among the participants. The college is greatly looking forward to the next two parts of the series.  The next class, 8 Dumb Things Well Intentioned People Say that Widen the Diversity Gap, takes place on Wednesday, March 30th, and the final class, Why Don't You Understand Me?! takes place on Wednesday, April 13th.  RSVP here 

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