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Lasting impact through philanthropy

BE THE MODEL® STRATEGIC PLAN: Advancing Education and Student Success

Dr. Gil and Susan Cloyd, Teckie and Don Shackelford make $43 million-plus in transformational estate gifts   

For decades, the philanthropic efforts of Dr. Gil and Susan Cloyd and Teckie and Don Shackelford have left an indelible mark on The Ohio State University. Their collective contributions of time, talent, trust and treasure have been nothing short of transformative. 


Susan and Gil Cloyd, DVM ’69:  A PASSION FOR PAYING FORWARD Susan and Gil Cloyd

Gil Cloyd, DVM ’69, is dedicated to ensuring postsecondary education is accessible to more people and leveraging Ohio State’s research capabilities to address global challenges while fostering economic development.

A Lima, Ohio, native, Cloyd was introduced to pathology and research through a high school science project that sparked his interest in the field and paved the way for a successful college experience.

Cloyd began his academic journey at Ohio State’s Lima campus and continued to the main campus, where he earned his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at Ohio State’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 1969.

His leadership in philanthropy was fueled by his own experience as a student juggling academics with multiple part-time jobs, working nights and weekends as a house painter, short-order cook, dog groomer and pop deliveryman.

Cloyd recalls that although he was unsure where college would lead him, the experience allowed him to embrace different opportunities as they unfolded.

“I ended up having an amazing career,” says Cloyd. “Something I didn’t know was possible at the start of my journey. My hope is that talented young people can discover how education can set them up in life to achieve their dreams."

Upon completing his DVM program at Ohio State, Cloyd entered private practice in Cincinnati and began consulting work, including with Procter & Gamble (P&G), leading him to accept a full-time role at their Miami Valley Innovation Center, setting the stage for an illustrious 34-year career.

Over the next three decades, Cloyd served in various roles and, in 1997, assumed responsibilities as Vice President for research and development in Asia for P&G, living in Kobe, Japan.

In 2000, he returned to Cincinnati as Chief Technology Officer. In this role, he had overall functional responsibility for P&G’s Global Research and Development Organization, which he would continue until his retirement in 2008.

Ensuring the success of future veterinarians

In 2005, Cloyd rekindled his connection with Ohio State when he was appointed to the University’s Board of Trustees. His dedication to the university and its students was evident as he later served as Chairperson from 2007- 2009, followed by his appointment as Charter Trustee.

During this pivotal period, Cloyd was deeply inspired to make a meaningful impact on the lives of veterinary students by alleviating the burden of significant debt through scholarship support.

Together with his wife, Susan, the Cloyds established the Cloyd Veterinary Medicine Endowed Scholarship Fund in 2016, reflecting their strong commitment to excellence in veterinary education.

“I am driven to break down the financial barriers for future generations of veterinarians, ensuring they are able to dream big, attend college, and follow the career path of their choice,” says Cloyd. It’s worth noting that Cloyd himself was the first member of his family to attend college, made possible through the support of federal student loans.

Fourth-year student Tyler Smith, a recipient of the Cloyd Veterinary Medicine Endowed Scholarship, expresses his heartfelt appreciation.

“The scholarship covered nearly a year’s tuition, easing the financial burden during the costliest phase of my DVM program. My wife, an elementary school teacher, and I can now breathe easier financially. We are profoundly grateful for the Cloyd family’s support and for all those who invest in the future of veterinary medicine,” he says.

A legacy with lasting impact

Cloyd was presented with a Distinguished Alumnus Award from Ohio State’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 1996 and in 2009, he was inducted into The Ohio State University at Lima Hall of Fame. Cloyd’s dedication extended to the University’s Foundation Board, joining in 2015 and retiring as chair in 2023. Most recently, the Lima campus named the community gathering space in the newly renovated Galvin Hall in his honor.

The Cloyds' philanthropic legacy is evidenced by the impact of their recent transformational estate gift to the College of Veterinary Medicine, totaling $28 million. This generous donation will continue to sustain student scholarships and significantly contribute to the college’s long-term success, sustainability and excellence. 

Don and Teckie ShacelfordTeckie and Don Shackelford:  STEADFAST SUPPORT 

Teckie Shackelford and her husband, Don, have been steadfast supporters of The Ohio State University. They have actively contributed to various roles and committees, led major fundraising campaigns, and generously supported over 140 funds across more than a dozen different colleges and units.

Teckie embarked on her philanthropic journey in 1994 when she joined The Ohio State University Foundation Board of Directors. Her leadership was marked by significant fundraising achievements, notably as the first woman to chair the board. She co-chaired several highly successful campaigns, such as the “Affirm Thy Friendship” campaign, which not only exceeded its initial goal of $850 million but raised an impressive $1.23 billion. Additionally, she co-chaired the But for Ohio State campaign, which more than doubled its original target, raising over $136 million for the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Ensuring the advancement of  canine treatment & research 

The Shacklefords’ connection with Ohio State’s College of Veterinary Medicine began in 1989 when they sought treatment for their Dalmatian, Jane, at Ohio State’s Veterinary Medical Center for her glaucoma. On another occasion, they recall needing to rush Jane to Ohio State after she was hit by a car. “They saved her life,” Teckie says. 

It was the gratitude for the life-saving care Jane received that prompted the Shackelfords to support the College of Veterinary Medicine with their first significant gift in 1996. Nearly three decades later, they continue to support the college with their time, talent and treasure.

In 2017, the Shacklefords established the Teckie and Don Shackelford Chair in Canine Medicine, an endowed faculty position dedicated to finding a cure for cancers found in both dogs and people.

“I truly appreciate the support the Shackelford family is providing with this endowed chair position,” says Laura Selmic, BVetMed (Hons.), MPH, DACVS-SA, DECVS, professor, Surgical Oncology Service, who was installed as the inaugural chair in 2021. 

“With this support, I am committed to furthering the development and advancement of internationally recognized surgical and integrated oncology programs that will excel in research, teaching and clinical service.”

The college recognized Teckie’s contributions to the college, the veterinary community and beyond by awarding her Ohio State’s College of Veterinary Medicine’s Honorary Distinguished Alumna Award in 2017. 

In 2014, the Shacklefords provided funding for the Veterinary Medical Center’s Enhancement and Expansion project, creating the Jane, Lily, and Bubba Shackelford Lobby, a beautiful and spacious area for people to wait for their appointments with their pets. 

Most recently, the Shackelfords have gifted a transformational $16 million estate gift to the College of Veterinary Medicine, cementing their philanthropic legacy. Their steadfast support for Ohio State and passion for advancing the field of veterinary medicine are exemplified by their contributions and resolute dedication to academic excellence. 

The spirit of giving 

“We’re deeply honored to recognize the transformational contributions of the Cloyds and Shacklefords,” says Rustin Moore, DVM, PhD, DACVS, dean of Ohio State’s College of Veterinary Medicine and Ruth Stanton Chair in Veterinary Medicine. 

“Their contributions will extend their impact far into the future, helping to create a sustainable future of excellence in veterinary medicine, in Ohio and beyond.” 

The remarkable spirit of giving that both the Cloyds and Shackelfords embody exemplifies the profound impact their time, talent, and treasure have on shaping the future of veterinary medicine. Their support serves as a testament to the power of paying it forward and giving back, empowering the next generation of veterinarians and advancing us toward our ambition to Be The Model® comprehensive college of veterinary medicine in the world. 


Originally Published: 

Thursday, December 21, 2023 - 11:21am