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Increase in scholarships decreases student debt

BE THE MODEL STRATEGIC PLAN: Operational Excellence

Taking on a veterinary medical education can be financially burdensome, as many students must incur substantial debt to complete their degree. Ohio State’s College of Veterinary Medicine is working to alleviate the pressure on students and their families by encouraging donors to support scholarships—and the results are paying off. 

Commitment to financial success

To create more opportunities for students to offset the cost of tuition, the college has put a focus on growing transformational scholarships, or awards of $15K-$30K per year, which are potentially renewable for more than one year. Since 2016, the college has been able to grow that number by more than 700 percent. One way the college has managed this growth is putting an emphasis on increasing current use and endowed scholarships. Last year alone the college was able to add more than $7 million to the endowment, including funds for scholarship and research. 


And, putting a focus on scholarship has allowed the college to more than triple the total philanthropic scholarship dollars awarded annually as alumni and friends of the college have given generously. “We’re hoping to get to a point in the near future where every student can receive some level of financial aid,” says Liesa Stone, DVM, assistant dean for external relations and chief advancement officer. “The funds can be used to offset tuition costs and help alleviate some of the stress students experience with high debt loads.”

In addition to providing more transformational scholarships, the college has also made a concentrated effort to control tuition costs for students. According to Rustin Moore, DVM, PhD, dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine, “A top priority of our Be The Model strategic plan is to promote student success and an important part of that is making a veterinary medical education accessible and affordable for all our students.”

How important are scholarships to our students?

See Gabriel Segura, class of 2021, get the news of his recent scholarship award.


The College of Veterinary Medicine's Be the Model Strategic Plan outlines the college's ambition to Be the Model comprehensive college of veterinary medicine in the world. Our continued success in helping students decrease their debt load is one example of the college's goal to achieve operational excellence. Learn more about the strategic plan and other advances at the college.




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