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Honors and Awards Ceremony 2017

Each year at the Honors and Awards Ceremony the college honors people who have shown outstanding achievement and contributions in their respective areas. The awards fall bestowed in the following four categories:
  • Student Awards
  • Faculty and Staff Awards
  • Graduate Student – Resident Awards
Award Winner Presenter
Class of 2017 Laurie Millward Tim Beck
Class of 2018 Blake Eason Hildreth III Jennifer Geisler
Class of 2019 Ryan Jennings  Nicki Gosselin
Class of 2020 Jerry Masty Michael Center
SCAVMA Outstanding Teaching Award for Resident/Graduate Teaching Associate Katherine Gerken Jane Mellencamp
SCAVMA Senior Service Award Paulynne Bellen Jane Mellencamp
SCAVMA Junior Service Award Kalie Marshall/Elise Martens Jennifer Geisler
Elanco Behavior Award Margaret O'Brian Meghan Herron
Excellence in Behavior Taylor Yurick Meghan Herron
Excellence in Cardiology Alyssa Hetrick Karsten Schober
Excellence in Neurology Elizabeth Curtis Sarah Moore
Excellence in Theriogenology Elizabeth Pittman Marco da Silva
AAVD-Dermatology Award Katelyn Cobb Lynette Cole
Excellence in Dermatology Samantha Huston Lynette Cole
Excellence in Shelter Medicine and Surgery Elizabeth Pittman David Pontius
Excellence in Equine Field Service Chelsea Hunsberger Jonathan Yardley
Excellence in Equine Surgery Simone Koster Jim Belknap
ACVS-Large Animal Surgery Award Tanner Walls Jim Belknap
Excellence in Equine Medicine Tanner Walls Ramirio Toribio
ACVIM-Large Animal Internal Medicine Award Kathryn Timko Ramirio Toribio
Excellence in Equine Emergency and Critical Care Ram Singh Alison Gardner
Excellence in Food Animal Medicine and Surgery Clare Panning Jeff Lakritz
Excellence in Marysville Ambulatory Ram Singh Alissa Wilhelm
Excellence in Small Animal Community Practice Stephanie Smith/Michelle Forman Laurie Millward/Alison Shull
AAHA Proficiency Award Ellen Quigley Laurie Millward/Alison Shull
Excellence in Small Animal Critical Care Alyssa Hetrick Julien Guillaumin
VECCS- Emergency and Critical Care Alina Osowski Julien Guillaumin
Excellence in Small Animal Emergency Britt DeNuzio Ed Cooper
AAFP - Feline Practioners Award Amberley Karch Julie Byron
ACVIM - Small Animal Internal Medicine Award Daniela Korec/Catrina Silveira Valerie Parker
Excellence in Small Animal Internal Medicine Samantha Huston Valerie Parker
ASLAP -- Laboratory Animal Award Alexa Edmunson Linda Lord
ACVS - Small Animal Surgery Award Catrina Silveira Kat Ham/ Nina Kieves
Excellence in Small Animal Surgery Kyle Connole/Ellen Quigley Kat Ham/ Nina Kieves
Excellence in Pathology James Cronin/Devinn Sinnott Ryan Jennings
ACVP-Pathology Award Agnes Wong Ryan Jennings
Excellence in Ophthalmology Mary Rose Rice Eric Miller
ACVO - Ophthalmology Aja Holmes Eric Miller
Excellence in Anesthesiology Ram Singh Phillip Lerche
Excellence in Radiology Michael Andres/Andy Leffler Eric Hostnik
ACVR - Radiology Award Sara Lumbrezer Johnson Eric Hostnik
Excellence in Preventive Medicine Alexandra Medley Jeanette O'Quin
Excellence in Public Health Alexandra Medley Armando Hoet
Excellence in Oncology Kyle Connole Megan Brown
Veterinary Cancer Society Award - Bob Rosenthal Senior Student Award Daniela Korec Megan Brown
Gertrude Hoeger Award in Basic Biomedical Research Devinn Sinnott Linda Lord
Gertrude Hoeger Award in Clinical Biomedical Research Kathryn Timko Linda Lord
Excellence in Scholarship James Cronin Linda Lord

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