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Grateful client shares her experience with the Community Practice Service

As a long-standing patient of Ohio State’s Veterinary Medical Center, Apollo has logged multiple visits within a variety of specialties, but he is especially well known in the Community Practice Service.

For the last 12 years Apollo has been managed by Susan Barrett, DVM, section head for the Community Practice Service. Apollo’s owner Candace Dark describes the most impressive thing to her about Dr. Barrett is her compassion and love for Apollo. She has been so grateful for Dr. Barrett’s generous gift of time – which Candace says − is what sets Dr. Barrett apart from any other experience she’s had within healthcare.

“The one thing that is hugely impressive about the care at the Ohio State’s Veterinary Medical Center is the ‘patient-first’ approach,” said Candace. “Apollo is a big personality and can be very high-energy and often anxious. Everyone from the students, staff, and veterinary clinicians go out of their way to make him feel loved, calm and cared for which ultimately makes me feel the same,” Candace said.

Recently, during an unexpected emergency visit to the Community Practice Service, Apollo was diagnosed with an aggressive urinary tract infection, a variety of nodules on multiple organs and a concerning gall bladder mucocele. Candace expressed that it was a huge blow and a lot of information to absorb. She described that moment as emotional and scary − a conversation that no pet owner ever hopes to have but knows will ultimately happen at some point.

Candace said that the time, thoughtfulness, care plan options and empathy that was showcased that day by not only Dr. Barrett, but also Bethany Gibson, DVM, and two fourth-year students, was top-notch.  

“I’m grateful to say that Apollo has rebounded and is staying healthy, most certainly because of the exceptional care of this team. The ongoing communication, check-in texts, accommodating prescription orders placed, and most of all the support − has been tremendous,” said Candace. 

Apollo has crossed paths with many Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine students over the years. Candace emphasizes that they have always been kind, caring and gentle with Apollo. She is impressed at how well-trained, well-read and inquisitive each student they have encountered has been. 

“The students ask great questions, are thorough, and are consistently ambitious to assist with any type of exams, procedures and care plans. I believe that these students exemplify why Ohio State’s College of Veterinary Medicine is nationally ranked in the top-five veterinary college in the country,” said Candace. “It is clear that these students are extremely bright and that our pets will be in great hands for decades to come,” Candace said. 

Candace is excited to bring Apollo to the new Frank Stanton Veterinary Spectrum of Care Clinic. As someone who works in a human academic medical center herself, Candace said she recognizes the value of having an integrative, multi-discipline approach to healthcare with the patient at the very center. 

“Investments like this facility, world-class research and care, the amazing veterinarians like Dr. Barrett and the ambitious students; these all make the Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center incredible,” said Candace. “It gives me the confidence that Apollo will continue to thrive in his geriatric years and makes me tremendously grateful for each additional day that I get to spend with my little guy,” Candace said. 

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Tuesday, January 31, 2023 - 12:40pm