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Dr. Coble involved in "A Dose of Reading" partnership program

Dr. Dondrae Coble, with University Laboratory Animal Resources in the Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine, volunteered in April with Health Sciences Academies as part of the “A Dose of Reading” partnership program between Columbus City Schools, The Ohio State University and Partners Achieving Community Transformation (PACT). This program involves reading to preK-2nd grade students in one, Eastgate Elementary, of the five elementary schools in the district. Dr. Coble read Owl Babies by Martin Waddell, The Day in the Life of a Veterinarian by Heather Adamson, and Doc McStuffins Pet Vet by Sheila Hugginson to the elementary children. Because many people who pursue a career in veterinary medicine make that decision by the time they are in elementary school, it is important to expose young children to such a career at an early age.

This program is consistent with the College of Veterinary Medicine's "Be the Model" strategic plan to build a pipeline of highly-qualified applicants that also enhances the diversity of our profession. The goal of this program is to increase literacy and allow students to connect with medical professionals as role models and to allow medical professionals opportunity to enrich the lives of students. Regardless of whether these students choose a career in veterinary medicine, they will benefit from the role modeling by Dr. Coble and others. More information about this program or can be found at: Health Science Academies: A Dose of Reading

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