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Dr. Arruda recipient of Merck Animal Health Award

Dr. Andréia Gonçalves Arruda has been named the recipient of the Merck Animal Health 2017 High Quality Pork Ph.D. Award. Her presentation entitled, “Examining PRRS with fresh eyes: can novel combinations of epidemiology tools help us?,” will discuss how data routinely collected in PRRS control programs can be successfully used to better understand disease dynamics and potentially inform its control and prevention. Provided examples will include questions from swine veterinarians and producers that were answered using readily collected data, some creativity and by making use of novel epidemiological tools that are becoming increasingly available to researchers. She was selected among several candidates that defended their doctoral research in either veterinary or animal science with an emphasis on swine within the last year.

“It is a pleasure and immense honor to receive this award. Being able to present my research and interact with a large group of swine specialists will allow me to learn more about this global industry,” Dr. Arruda said. “I look forward to discussing this topic that I have been devoted to, and that I am extremely passionate about; and to identifying opportunities for collaborations at the initial stages of my career.”

She will deliver her presentation at upcoming Merck Animal Health High Quality Pork meetings in Europe, the Americas and Asia throughout 2017.

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