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Community of Inclusion Certificate Program Ceremony

The College of Veterinary Medicine is pleased to recognize 36 students, faculty, and staff as achieving Partner Level in the inaugural year of the Community of Inclusion Certificate Program. The Community of Inclusion Certificate Program was developed by the college’s Diversity Committee as a way for members of the college to demonstrate their commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion within the college, the veterinary profession, and the communities we serve. There are three levels to the certificate program with the ability to earn one level per year – Partner, Ambassador, and Champion. Partners learn about and support a community of inclusion; Ambassadors represent the community of inclusion and expand the dialogue, and Champions actively promote a community of inclusion and help to facilitate the process.

Dr. Allen Cannedy, recipient of the 2017 Iverson Bell Award, delivered the keynote address for the awards ceremony. The Iverson Bell Award is the veterinary profession’s most prestigious diversity award and recognizes “outstanding leadership and contributions in promoting opportunities for underrepresented minorities in veterinary medical education.” As Director of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs at North Carolina State University, Dr. Cannedy has secured nearly $1million in diversity-related scholarship funds for under-represented veterinary students and has developed numerous innovative programs to promote diversity and inclusion at NCSU and throughout the veterinary profession.

Freedom a la Cart catered the awards ceremony and provided brief opening remarks about their social justice efforts. Freedom a la Cart’s mission is to empower survivors of human trafficking to build a new life of freedom and self-sufficiency. Through offering supportive services, practical life skills, dignified jobs and workforce training, Freedom a la Cart is a place where survivors can heal, learn, and grow as they prepare for full-time employment opportunities in the community. We look forward to the 2017-2018 program and events! More information about the Community of Inclusion Certificate Program can be found at

Congratulations to those achieving Partner Level in the 2016-2017 Community of Inclusion Certificate Program:

  • Brenda Arras
  • Jennifer Brandt
  • Mary Jo Burkhard
  • Dondrae Coble
  • Sandra Dawkins
  • Regina Doss
  • Morgan Etheridge
  • Amanda Fark
  • Roger Fingland
  • Carrie Freed
  • Betsy Gibson
  • Patrick Green
  • Maggie Heiar
  • Weihow Hsue
  • Stephen Jones
  • Kelsey Kerstetter
  • Jeffrey Kim
  • Sue Knoblaugh
  • Renne Komula
  • Briana Lynem
  • Samantha Maiorano
  • Rustin Moore
  • Joelle Nielsen
  • Stefan Niewiesk
  • Michael Oglesbee
  • Ruben Pabon Padin
  • April Pugh
  • Amanda Signorino
  • Kacey Smith
  • Stephanie Sosa
  • Liesa Stone
  • Robyn Victorine
  • Christine Walters
  • David Wilkie
  • Jonathan Yardley
  • Karin Zuckerman


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