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College of Veterinary Medicine Diversity Committee Hosts Half Day Retreat

Our college exists to benefit society and enhance the well-being of animals and people. Our vision is to be the nation’s best veterinary and comparative learning community. We cannot do this without also being a place that embraces and fosters diversity in and inclusion for our students, faculty, and staff. We recognize the research demonstrating that innovation and group performance are enhanced by diversity. To best serve our communities and society, and to address the challenges facing our profession today, we will only be successful with truly diverse teams working in an inclusive environment.


In 2016, the college established a Diversity Committee to develop strategies and actionable items to foster a community of inclusion within the college. On April 11, 2017, the Diversity Committee held a facilitated retreat to assess its first year of work and to identify key changes and actions to move the college forward as a leader in this work. Joining the Diversity Committee were several members of the soon to be established Diversity Council – a group to be comprised of members of the veterinary profession and community who can assess the college strengths and challenges from an external perspective and can recommend strategies and best practices. The current members of the Diversity Committee and representatives from the Diversity Council joining the retreat are listed below. We are grateful for the sharing of their time, perspectives, input, and wisdom.


Diversity Council Representatives

  • Dr. Allen Cannedy, Director of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs, College of Veterinary Medicine, North Carolina State University
  • Karen Days, President, The Center for Family Safety and Healing
  • Dr. Tom Gregoire, Dean, College of Social Work, The Ohio State University
  • Dr. Andy Maccabe, Chief Executive Director, Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges



Diversity Committee

  • Dr. Susan Barrett, Assistant Professor – Clinical, Veterinary Clinical Sciences
  • Dr. Jen Brandt, Director, Individual and Organizational Development
Health and Wellness
  • Dr. Mary Jo Burkhard, Associate Dean, Faculty & Staff Affairs, Inclusive Diversity, and Planning
  • Dr. Dondrae Coble, Interim Assistant Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs
  • Dr. Luciana da Costa, Assistant Professor – Practice, Associate Professor – Clinical
  • Sandra Dawkins, Assistant Director, Admissions and Recruitment
  • Dr. Sandra Diaz Vergara, Assistant Professor – Clinical, Veterinary Clinical Sciences
  • Regina Doss, Class of 2020
  • Shanah Frankel, Veterinary Student, Class of 2019, SAVMA Delegate
  • Dr. Carrie Freed, Associate Professor – Clinical, Associate Professor – Clinical
  • Kris Galang, Veterinary Student, Class of 2018
  • Betsy Gibson, Assistant to the Dean
  • Dr. Eric Green, Professor– Clinical, Veterinary Clinical Sciences
  • Maggie Heiar, Class of 2020
  • Dr. Nong Inpanbutr, Professor, Veterinary Biosciences
  • Melissa Jedlicka, Veterinary Student, Class of 2018
  • Dr. Stephen Jones, Assistant Professor, Veterinary Clinical Sciences
  • Jeffrey Kim, Veterinary Student, Class of 2020, Student Ambassador
  • Dr. Sue Knoblaugh, Assistant Professor – Clinical, Veterinary Biosciences
  • Dr. Rebecca Kohnken, Pathology resident and PhD candidate
  • Briana Lynem, Human Resources Specialist
  • Ruben Pabon Padin, Veterinary Student, Class of 2018, VOICE Secretary
  • Kacey Smith, Veterinary Student, Class of 2018
  • Christine Walters, Veterinary Student, Class of 2019, VOICE Treasurer

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