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College opens new Veterinary Clinical and Professional Skills Center

BE THE MODEL® STRATEGIC PLAN: Advancing Education and Student Success

The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine’s Veterinary Clinical and Professional Skills Center (VCPSC) is a state-of-the-art education and assessment resource, unique in veterinary education. The center includes almost 9000 square feet of educational space, including a large open lab, seven flexible skills labs and communications rooms, plus a devoted 3D printing space.

The VCPSC, together with a continuum of other learning opportunities, embodies Ohio State’s commitment to preparing more confident, competent and practice-ready veterinary graduates, equipped to provide a broad spectrum of care to animals and serve clients from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.

Combining audiovisual and lecture capture technology with high and low fidelity models and simulators, the center is a realistic training environment that imitates actual client/patient interactions. The center will enhance patient care and client satisfaction by allowing students to practice skills in this simulated environment before entering the workforce. The center is possible because of a generous gift from the Stanton Foundation.

During a special tour in September, students got hands on experience handling some of the simulators and models that will be used as teaching tools in the center. See photos of demonstrations, including:

  • Surgery skills and models
  • High-fidelity simulators, such as a cardiac auscultation simulator and a canine ear examination simulator
  • Dental skills, including a multi-touch table with 3D teeth interaction and 3D-printed dental probing models
  • Communications scenarios with client actors  
  • 3D printing demonstrations
  • Bandaging skills
  • Ultrasound demonstrations, including a Find the Objects! activity and a canine bladder simulator

Dentistry Lab is first class in new center

A dentistry lab with first year students was the inaugural class in the center and students were excited to start using the new space. See more photos of the first class

“I think getting to use this new facility is a great opportunity to apply the knowledge that we get in the classroom. In this modern era of education, it is not uncommon to have cool technology, but the real value is having instructors and a curriculum that can use it in an educational and applicable manner,” said Mary Pangalangan, DVM candidate, class of 2022.

Jocosa Yasenchack, DVM candidate, class of 2022, shared, “Today’s experience was a relief for me, I’m a kinesthetic/visual learner so sitting in class trying to read and listen to the lectures has been difficult. That one hour I spent in the skills lab taught me more than what the lecture had because I could directly apply it.”

The College of Veterinary Medicine's Be The Model® Strategic Plan outlines the college's ambition to Be the Model comprehensive college of veterinary medicine in the world. Innovations like incorporating hands on learning in the Veterinary Clinical and Professional Skills Center is one example of the college's goal to be a leader advancing education and student success. Learn more about the strategic plan and other advances at the college.



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