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Buckeye Smart: The Power of a Pet

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Your gift works to advance veterinary medical education, clinical care and research. One of the oldest and largest veterinary schools in the United States, the internationally recognized Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine offers the only comprehensive referral veterinary teaching hospital in a three-state area. Our research has led to developing the first feline leukemia vaccine and kept us on the leading edge in the development of advanced orthopedic procedures including fracture repair and arthroscopy in horses and total hip replacement in dogs.

Veterinary Outreach Program Support | Fund Number: 313313

   Supports the veterinary medicine outreach program

Veterinary Hospital Good Samaritan Endowment Fund | Fund Number: 627487

   Supports animals in need of veterinary care and lacking appropriate financial support

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Buckeye Smart: The Power of a Pet

Buckeye Smart: The Power of a Pet is now available as a podcast. Visit the link to learn about the dynamic and powerful relationship between people and animals (pets) and discover how the College of Veterinary Medicine is working to provide veterinary care to the pets of Franklin County's underserved and vulnerable populations. 

The  podcast has been uploaded to the college's YouTube account and can be viewed at:

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