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Past Events

  1. 15

    HACCP for Proper Drug Use Workshop for Veterinary Practitioners

    Veterinary Extension at Ohio State and Michigan State Universities, and the OVMA in cooperation with the Food Armor Foundation, are pleased to present a six-step plan for judicious drug use on dairy and beef cattle operations. This training program will provide the tools to develop and strengthen the drug-managing aspect of the VCPR and reduce residues in meat and milk. Phase I covers the “what” (knowledge), and Phase II covers the “how” (implementation).

  2. 13

    The OSU Behavior Club will be selling merchandise, collecting club dues, and answering questions! Open to all.

  3. 9

    Current Cases in Vet Med. Open to OTS members only. Contact Caitlin to RSVP. Food will be provided.

  4. 8

    Dr. Dena’s talk will focus on shelter medicine and motivational insight into veterinary school survival and success. Open to all students and public. Contact Melanie to RSVP. Food will be provided.

  5. 8

    Dr. Roasa - "The Art (and Science) of Negotiation”. Open to VBMA members only. Food will be provided. Contact Simone

  6. 8

    Dr. Roasa - “Knowledge is Power: Using Facts to Eliminate the Pay Gap”. Open to VBMA members only. Food will be provided. Contact Simone

  7. 8

    Please join us for two hours of continuing education provided by Dr. Sushmitha Durgam and Dr. C. Austin Hinds.

  8. 7

    The Graduate Nursing Network (GNN) and the College of Nursing Alumni Society would like to cordially invite those in your college to a free training by Equitas Health on “Providing Health and Social Services to the Trans Community.” Equitas Health is an expert service provider for those in the LGBTQ community and is the gateway for good health for those seeking a welcoming healthcare home.  We understand that the LGBTQ community is believed to contain a higher-than-average number of pet owners, and so we would like to open the training up to the Vet Med students, staff and faculty.

  9. 7

    Neurology Cases presented by Dr. Cook with student interaction. Open to SCACVIM members only. Contact Kyle to RSVP. 

  10. 7

    The conference will take place in Doha, Qatar, November 7 - 9 with the theme, "Environmental Challenges and Impact on Global Health."