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Past Events

  1. 19

    The Exotics Club will present an Introductory Lecture to their club.


  2. 18


    How do we communicate across differences?

    Bring your lunch and join us for this interactive workshop around creating and participating in dialogue.


    Why Don’t You Understand Me?

    Session provided by the Multicultural Center


    Tuesday September 18, noon

    100 Veterinary Medical Center (VMC)

  3. 17

    Welcome Class of 2022!  Building a support system as you start your journey as a future veterinarian is essential, and the OVMA would like to be a part of yours.  Come join representatives of the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association to learn more about the organization and what we can for your you.

    Food will be provided.

    Make sure to RSVP Annie Showers at and enjoy a lunch on us!

  4. 14

    The Animal Behavior and The Equine Club will hold a lunch lecture with Dr. Jeannine Berger speaking about equine behavior.

    Lecture open to members of Animal Behavior Club and the Equine Club.

    Please RSVP Courtney Carlson at


  5. 13

    The World Aquatic Veterinary Medicine Association will hold an Introductory to Ohio Aquaculture presented by Bill Lynch, the President of the OAA.

    Food will be provided.

    Please RSVP Adam Feinzig at


  6. 13

    The Shelter Medicine Club will host an Introductory Lunch Lecture with Rachel Finney of the Columbus Humane Society, discussing an introduction to shelter medicine.

    Open to all students and prospective members.

    Food will be provided.

    Please RSVP Elizabeth East-Mulhall at


  7. 12

    The Pre-vet club will hold a general body meeting.

    All students are invited to attend.


  8. 12

    The International Veterinary Students Association will present an upcoming international travel opportunity to students to go to the Belize Wildlife Referral Clinic.

    Meeting open to all students.

    Please RSVP Marie Brake at


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    The VOICE club would like to extend an invitation to attend a special training entitled "The Importance of Language: Serving the LGBTQ Community with Cultural Competence". This training explains the myriad ways that language can either fray or strengthen engagement in care for the LGBTQ community. Guidance will be offered on outdated language to avoid and affirming and inclusive language to use instead. This training also helps navigate best practices in asking questions, including one's pronouns.

  10. 12

    A representative from VetriScience will share how we can incorporate their popular veterinary products in our clinical practice.  Club members will have the opportunity to learn about what makes this company special and about the veterinary student discount program that is offered to them.