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Past Events

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    Join us for the Alumni Reception at the 2017 AAEP Convention in San Antonio, Texas!

    The event will be on Sunday, November 19 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. Central Time 

    At the Barriba Cantina and The Country Line River Walk
    Located on the San Antonio River Walk.

    Click here for walking directions fron the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center.

    Tickets Prices:

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    Join us for the Alumni Reception at the 2017 AAEP Convention in San Antonio, Texas!

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    Class of 2021 meeting.  Contact Michael with questions.  

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    Dr. Jill Dentel - Startup costs. Open to VBMA members only. Food will be provided. Contact Simone

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    Bruce Weinberg, coauthor of a number of recent studies in the journal Science and the American Economic Review 2016, is studying who is employed on research projects, the career outcomes of research doctorates and the value of research. On Thursday (11/16) at noon in the Research Commons, he will introduce the UMETRICS project and discuss estimates of gender differences in early career outcomes of PhD recipients.
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    General body meeting for the Pre-Veterinary Medical Association. Open to all Pre-Vet club members. Contact Meredith with questions.

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    Interest meeting.  Contact Nikki Ochoa at for any questions.  

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    HACCP for Proper Drug Use Workshop for Veterinary Practitioners

    Veterinary Extension at Ohio State and Michigan State Universities, and the OVMA in cooperation with the Food Armor Foundation, are pleased to present a six-step plan for judicious drug use on dairy and beef cattle operations. This training program will provide the tools to develop and strengthen the drug-managing aspect of the VCPR and reduce residues in meat and milk. Phase I covers the “what” (knowledge), and Phase II covers the “how” (implementation).