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Past Events

  1. 31

    Zoetis representative Dr. Dick Wallace will speak to the Food Animal Club on antibiotic usage.  Open to all Food Animal Club members.  Food will be provided.  Please RSVP Amber Zanella at


  2. 31

    The SVECCS will hold a lunch lecture with Dr. Cooper showcasing some of his most interesting/crazy/wild ER stories that he has experienced as a clinician here at OSU!

    Food will be served.

    Please RSVP Jared Ashworth at



  3. 30

    The Pathology club will hold a lunch lecture discussing summer opportunities for Pathology Club members.

    Food will be provided.

    Open to Pathology Club Members only.


  4. 30

    Dr. Kuchyt will be discussing how she paid off her $250,000 debt in 2.5 years in an Alpha Psi exclusive event.



  5. 29

    Dr. Bridget Heilsberg, an equine practitioner, will speak about Telehealth and how it optimizes her practice.

    Open to all students, faculty and staff.

    Food will be provided.

    Please RSVP Antionette martin at

  6. 29

    Please join us as Dr. Hostnik goes over interesting radiology cases involving exotic animals and pets!  Bring your devices, as this lecture will be interactive (Top Hat).  Food will be provided for Radiology Club Members only.


  7. 29

    Dr. Bridget Heilsberg, the current nation's President of the Women's Veterinary Leadership Development initiative will speak.  

    Lecture is open to all students, faculty and staff.

    Food will be provided.

    Please RSVP Antionette Martin at

  8. 27

    This 2 part morning lecture-wet lab event will host an equine veterinarian and farrier to come teach students how to handle equine hooves, hoof health and basic care of the hoof (including removing shoes, safely paring hoof sole, diseases related to the horse hoof, etc.)

    Open to Equine Club members only.


  9. 27

    Registration is now closed, please contact Rileigh Ray with any questions at or 614-292-8727.

  10. 25

    Purina introduces The Feeding Program.