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Diversity Committee Members


Title, Class, Program

Julia Azarcon

Class of 2021 Rep

Dr. Mary Jo Burkhard

Committee Chair, Associate Dean, Faculty & Staff Affairs, Inclusive Diversity, and Planning

Kenneth Burris

Class of 2022 Rep

Dr. Luciana da Costa

Assistant Professor – Practice, VPM

Sandra Dawkins

Assistant Director, Admissions and Recruitment

Liane Davila-Martin

Class of 2022 Rep & Co President LatinX

Jae Denson

Director, Student Recruitment, Admissions & Diversity

Tarshangi Dixit

Class of 2023

Dr. Dubra Diaz-Campos

Assistant Professor - Clinical, VCS, Advisor LatinX

Dr. Sandra Diaz Vergara

Assistant Professor – Clinical, VCS

Dr. Carrie Freed

Associate Professor – Clinical, VPM

Dr. Eric Green

Professor – Clinical, VPM

Jocelyn Gilmore

President, WVLDI

Jen Gonzalez

Class of 2023

Dr. Brian Husbands

Associate Professor - Clinical, VCS

Jenny Ingraham

Executive Assistant to the Dean

Dr. Nong Inpanbutr

Professor, VBS

Jeffrey Kim

Class of 2020 Rep

Dr. Sue Knoblaugh

Assistant Professor – Clinical, VBS

Dr. Raphael Malbrue

Nationwide Children's Hospital

Kayla Orso

President, James H. Bias Affinity Group

Chanera Peck

Secretary, James H. Bias & Co-President LatinX

Ali Pinhasi

Class of 2021 Rep

Rachel Stahl

President, VOICE

Jocosa Yasenchack

Class of 2022, First Nations