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Community of Inclusion Certificate Program

Certificate Program Submission Form


In The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, we understand that diversity promotes a culture of inclusion that understands and appreciates the world beyond our own individual perspective. The CVM Community of Inclusion Certificate Program developed by the College of Veterinary Medicine Diversity Committee is a way for faculty, staff, and students (professional, graduate, and VPH) in the college to demonstrate their commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion within the college, the veterinary profession, and the communities we serve.


Program Goals

  • Members of the college have increased knowledge of various cultures and backgrounds as measured by completion of 'experiences'.
  • Increased willingness to develop skills in cross-cultural communication as measured by participation in college dialogues.
  • Increase a climate of inclusion and cultural responsiveness as measured by reduced survey responses noting disrespect and/or discrimination.
  • Mechanism to formally acknowledge individual efforts to gain awareness of and promote diversity and inclusion.

Descriptions of Experiences and Program Levels

Experience refers to any of the types of opportunities below. Examples are listed here however you may also (and are encouraged to do so) identify other opportunities within these categories. If you are not sure whether it qualifies or it is an opportunity outside of the college that we should raise awareness of and include in our list, you may submit the experience to Margo Peerenboom at, and she will post it on the Certificate Program Learning Experiences page.

Partner – Learns about and supports a Community of Inclusion

6 experiences total

  • 3 or more learning experiences
  • 1 or more dialogue / engagement experience

Ambassador – Represents the Community of Inclusion and expands the dialogue

6 experiences beyond Level One for 12 experiences total

  • 2 or more learning experiences
  • 2 or more dialogue engagement experiences

Champion – Actively promotes a Community of Inclusion and helps to facilitate the process

6 experiences beyond Level Two for 18 experiences total

  • 1 or more  learning experiences
  • 2 or more dialogue / engagement experiences
  • 1 or more facilitation/development experiences

*Only one level may be earned per academic year

 Learning Experiences

Click here for a list of learning experiences.

  • Complete an Implicit Association Test (IAT) that you haven’t taken before TedTalks, videos (in general, these will likely be at least 15 minutes in length)
  • Articles (excluding brief summations)
  • VOICE seminars
  • CVM Inclusive Diversity seminars and panels
  • Relevant CVM training (e.g. for admissions, search committees)
  • Multicultural Center events and training
  • Relevant diversity and inclusion training in the community
  • Other Learning experiences as identified throughout the year by the CVM Diversity Committee

Not included: formal core or elective courses in the professional or graduate programs

Dialogue/Engagement Experiences

  • Participate in CVM Community of Inclusion Brown Bag discussions (CVM discussions will use the Multicultural Center Community Kit model and resources)
  • Host your own small group or brown bag discussion (discussion to include at least 3 members) using a Multicultural Center Community Kit
  • Summarize an article / video / or other learning experience and submit a guest blog for CVM Community
  • Community engagement experience
    • Participate in an educational outreach to K-12 students (excluding Colerain day or other events required in the professional program)
    • Volunteer to support underserved communities
  • Other Dialogue/Engagement Experiences as identified throughout the year by the CVM Diversity Committee


Facilitation and Development Experiences

  • Organize a diversity and inclusion session (seminar, dialogue, training, panel, etc)
  • Develop a Community Kit for the Multicultural Center
    • Includes identification of article, video or other media and 3-5 questions relevant for small group discussions
    • May work independently or in small groups of up to 5 members to develop
  • Organize a diversity or heritage awareness event or activity
  • Organize a community engagement event
    • Educational outreach to K-12 students (excluding Colerain day or other events required in the professional program)
    • Volunteer event to support underserved communities
  • Serve on or moderate a diversity and inclusion panel
  • Organize and lead a small group discussion within the college or community
  • Other Facilitation and Development Experiences as identified throughout the year by the CVM Diversity Committee