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Veterinary Explorers Post

Exploring is a national career education program which provides hands-on activities for high school students at a worksite typically after the school day. Here in Columbus, the Exploring Program partners with more than 30 businesses and organizations to provide a variety of experiences for students to explore their career interests during their high school years.

The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine Explorer Post will meet beginning in September through May. Monthly meetings will take place throughout the school year. Some of the activities you will experience in this post include: a tour of OSU's Veterinary Medical Center, learning how to age a horse by "reading" its teeth, radiologists in training, and a Q & A panel of some of OSU's veterinary students and local veterinary technicians. You will learn how you can get started in this career field and learn about volunteer opportunities within the community. Additionally, guest speakers will present focusing on one of the exciting specialties available in the field of veterinary medicine.

For questions, please contact:

Ashley J. Thomas
Workforce Development Executive 
BSA, Exploring Program 
1901 E. Dublin- Granville Rd |P.O. Box 29207 |Columbus, Ohio 43229-0207

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