Veterinary Medical Center Update for Referring Veterinarians

May - June 2013

Ohio State VMC is recognized as a cat friendly practice; From the Director; Emergency veterinarians at the VMC at Dublin; VMC at Dublin practice manager; For client liaisons, communication is key; Our new Subway is open for business; New VMC faculty; Recent board-driven enhancements at the VMC; Thanks to our practitioner boards for their involvement and iniput during the past year

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March - April 2013

Using CO-Oximetry to monitor a canine case of smoke inhalation; Using a transfixation pin case with a window to treat a fracture and wound in a ram; FAQ: Animal Blood Bank; Equine Emergency and Critical Care; Veterinary Medical Center specialty services...

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January - February 2013

Equine emergency and critical care, saving a "celebrity"; Theriogenology and reproductive medicine service; canine rehabilitation center; Veterinary Medical Center at Dublin

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November - December 2012

From the Director; Veterinary Medical Center participating in nationwide cancer study; Clinical Trials shows promising results for treatment of osteoarthritis in horses; Update on success of ongoing equine bone healing study; Welcome new faculty;

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September - October 2012

From the Director; New VMC satellite clinic; Greyhound Health and Wellness Program at Ohio State; Equine MRI; Welcome new faculty; Welcome new Interns and Residents; 

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July - August 2012

From the director; New technology promises better, shorter surgeries; New equipment upgrades in radiology; Cementless total hip replacement; Retirements this Summer.

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May - June 2012

From the director; Small Animal Practitioner Board Drives Change; Summary of Board-Driven Enhancements at the VMC; Small Animal Advisory Board Members; Large Animal Advisory Board Members; Efforts to Improve Parking Continue; New Faculty; 

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March - April 2012

From the Director; Galbreath Center excels with Equine Neonatal Care; Selected diagnostic tests available at the Veterinary Medical Center; When food animal referral is necessary; Providing the highest level of care to companion animals whenever it is needed most; Update to our companion animal necropsy policies

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January - February 2012

Interventional Medicine; Theriogenology and Reproductive Medicine; Neurology and Neurosurgery; Groundbreaking spinal cord injury study; Welcome Dr. Keith Stein...

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November - December 2011

Cats needed for cardiology studies; Compassionate use of KPT-276 in dogs with spontaneous tumors; Fine-tuning the treatment of equine glaucoma; Modern lameness evaluatin and treatment at the Galbreath Equine Center; Improving outcome in dogs with glomerular disease via pharmacodynamic-based dosing of enalapril...

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