Hospital for Farm Animals - Emergencies

The Ohio State University Hospital for Farm Animals is open 24/7/365  (weekdays, after-hours and holidays) for urgent and emergency care services, and provides leading-edge, comprehensive, and compassionate patient care for cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, camelids, and other farm animals.

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Although our goal is to provide timely evaluation and treatment of all patients and timely service to all clients, we triage patients presenting to us based upon the severity of their condition.

Where is the Hospital for Farm Animals Located?

The Hospital for Farm Animals is located within the Veterinary Medical Center at 601 Vernon L. Tharp Street, Columbus, OH 43210

What Urgent and Emergency Care Services does the Hospital for Farm Animals Provide? 

The Farm Animal Emergency Service provides triage, stabilization, diagnosis and treatment of farm animals with illnesses, injuries or abnormalities requiring evaluation and care for medical, surgical, traumatic, neurologic, reproductive, and various other ailments.

The Hospital for Farm Animals is staffed around-the-clock by registered veterinary technicians and supported by final-year veterinary students and client services staff members. On-call licensed veterinary clinicians (interns, residents and board-certified faculty specialists) are readily available to take your calls and meet you at the hospital to admit and care for your farm animals in need of urgent/emergency services.

Our Hospital for Farm Animal staff members are supported by on-call faculty specialists and residents in advanced training programs in various disciplines, including:

  • Anesthesiology and pain management
  • Cardiology and interventional medicine
  • Clinical and anatomic pathology
  • Dermatology and otology
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Emergency and critical care
  • Internal medicine
  • Microbiology
  • Neurology and neurosurgery
  • Oncology and hematology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Surgery (orthopedic and soft tissue)
  • Theriogenology and reproductive medicine

What are my Payment Options?

 Learn more about our payment policy for urgent and emergency care services at the Hospital for Farm Animals.