About GHWP

Why a Greyhound Health and Wellness Program?

With the increasing popularity of retired racing Greyhounds, veterinarians are likely to evaluate dogs of this breed more frequently in their practice. Adoption efforts have made a positive impact on the number of Greyhounds that are killed every year due to poor performance in the racetrack.

Conservative estimates suggest that currently anywhere between 3,000 and 15,000 Greyhounds are killed every year in the United States.


It is estimated that approximately 120,000 Greyhounds live in homes as pets, compared to 55,000 Greyhounds in racetracks. In the past few years, private Greyhound adoptions ranged from 15,000 to 18,000/year. Therefore, it is important that veterinary students, health-related professionals, rescue organizations, and owners recognize the physiological peculiarities of this breed.

The Greyhound Health and Wellness/Transfusion Medicine Service (GHWTMS) encompasses two different clinical services:

Although each portion of GHWTMS functions somewhat autonomously during day-to-day activities, their functions are closely interrelated and have common goals.