Ohio State Large Animal Services at Marysville

Marysville Clinic Building

Ohio State Large Animal Services, located in Marysville, Ohio, is a large animal veterinary practice affiliated with The Ohio State University, Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine. Our practice is staffed with faculty veterinarians with extensive experience in and knowledge of large animal medicine. The Marysville facility provides medical and surgical care for horses, dairy and beef cattle, pigs, camelids (alpacas and llamas), deer, and small ruminants (goats and sheep). The Ohio State Milk Quality Laboratory is also located on-site.

Contact information

To make an appointment or speak with one of our veterinarians, please contact us at:

Ohio State Large Animal Services
16410 County Home Road
Marysville, OH 43040
Ph: (937) 642-2936
Fx: (937) 642-3278


The College of Veterinary Medicine also offers large animal medical services within our Veterinary Medical Center located in Columbus. If this location is more convenient for you, please contact:

Veterinary Medical Center
601 Vernon L. Tharp St
Columbus, OH 43210-1089
Ph: (614) 292-6661