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  • Join us for a Galbreath Open House! May 16, 2015
    Open House at the Galbreath Equine Center on Saturday, May 16 from 1-5 p.m. Hear presentations; take a tour! RSVP @
  • Horses need regular dental check ups
    Your horse’s yearly dental checkup should involve a detailed oral exam using special dental tools designed for equine species.
  • Springtime = Equine preventive healthcare
    Now is the time to think about Preventive Health care, spring vaccines, Coggins test, dental exams, and fecal floats to keep your horse healthy.
  • New! On site 3 Tesla, large bore MRI
    Our new, on site 3-Tesla, 70cm bore MRI unit is scheduled to be operational in May, 2015. For details contact specific specialty areas within the VMC.

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Now is the time to think about preventive health care, spring vaccines, Coggins tests, dental exams, and fecal floats, to keep your horse healthy. Last year four Ohio-based horses died from Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), a fatal disease that is transmitted by mosquitoes. In addition, horses in Knox County (Central Ohio) succumbed to West Nile virus infection - a disease also transmitted by mosquitoes. So be aware: even if your horse never leaves the farm, mosquitoes can travel great distances and infect your horse.

The equine field service veterinarians listed left to right, Dr. Jonathan Yardley, Dr. Bacha, Dr. Naomi Chiero and Dr. Matt Brokken. In the background is the equine field service truck that they use to make equine farm calls in central Ohio. The trucks are able to carry digital x-rays, upper airways endoscopes, the Lameness locator and a digital ultrasound. All these tools allow them to provide the most comprehensive equine sports medicine in Ohio.

Download your copy of the first Equine Field Services newsletter. Learn more about the team of veterinarians who make themselves available 24/7 to serve your horse's medical needs. The newsletter also provides important information about preventive medicine, including helpful tips on how often to vaccinate your horse(s).