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Our board certified radiologist, Dr. Amy Habing, is available for teleradiology consultations Monday-Friday. We accept analog films by mail and DICOM images can be sent on CD or to the DICOM server. Please see the documents below for more information:

Outpatient Imaging Services


Outpatient Computed Tomography:

The VMC at Dublin offers you and your patients outpatient computed tomography (CT) services with our 8-slice Toshiba Aqualon CT, which provides. extremely high-quality imaging and rapid image acquisition. A typical abdominal or thoracic CT can be obtained in less than one minute. This means faster recovery times for your patients, less time under anesthesia plus more timely results for you and your client. Prior to the procedure, we ask that all patients have a CBC and chemistry panel completed within the past 10 days. Anesthesia is monitored by our experienced emergency doctors and registered veterinary technicians. Images will be interpreted by one of our radiologists and a report will be provided to you. Please call (614)889-8070 for pricing and to schedule an appointment. Please complete a referral form and e-mail it to ( or Fax to (614) 889-8069.

Outpatient Ultrasound:

There may be times an ultrasound (US) is necessary to help diagnose a particular condition in one of your patients. We offer outpatient US appointments for your patients at the VMC at Dublin. Our diagnostic imaging clinicians will be happy to perform the indicated US exam for you and provide you with same-day results. Please know that your patient will return to you for continued care as you prescribe. If you ever need or want a clinical specialist’s (internist or surgeon) opinion, we will be pleased to help with this as well. Please complete a referral form and e-mail it to or fax to (614) 889-8069. 

    Imaging on the CLOUD:

    The VMC at Dublin has invested in a CLOUD-based PACS system for review of digital radiographic images and CT scans. This offers::

    • Access to your patients’ films via a link, which is e-mailed to you after images are taken.
    • The ability to download the films into your PACS system or create a CD of the films for your records. OR e will work with your IT person to download films on your patients taken at the VMC at Dublin directly to your PACS system so you have access to them right away.
    • If you cannot view films via the web, we can also make a CD of the films and send them with your client to give to you, or we can send them directly to you via USPS mail.