Dr. Jonathan Dyce operates on puppy found in trash

Thanks to Orthopedic Surgeon and Associate Professor in the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences Jonathan Dyce, a puppy who was thrown away in a neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio, is now recovering from his second surgery.

The pit bull-mix, Oscar, had a crooked leg, which he is thought to have sustained from the trauma of being tossed into a trash bin in May. Dyce operated on Oscar's leg after Rascal Animal Hospital contacted The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center when they discovered they couldn't perform the procedure themselves. Through the insertion of a metal plate, Dyce and his team were able to straighten the puppy's leg to its proper position. Oscar should recover in six weeks or less. 

"Had we not done this, he would have had a very poor functioning - if at all functional - leg," Dyce said.

Fox 28 covered Oscar and Dyce's story in the article, "Puppy tossed out like trash recovering from much-needed surgery". They noted that the person behind this animal abuse has yet to be indentified. 

Posted August 18, 2014