Animal Remembrance Ceremony

2017 Ceremony 

Saturday, May 20, 2017  1:00 pm - 3:00 pm 

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The ceremony will be held in the VMC Auditorium.  The entrance to the auditorium is shown on the map below.

The Honoring the Bond Program has provided an Animal Remembrance Ceremony every spring/summer since 2009. OSU VMC Clients that have lost their beloved animal(s) in the previous year are invited to join us for this annual event.

The typical itenerary for the even is as follows

  • Hear some words from invited speakers.
  • Watch a slideshow that includes photos that have been submitted by attendees that RSVP
  • Place a  personal remembrance stone at our Remembrance Tree
  • Meet for refeshments and conversation and additional personal remembrance activities.
  • Make remembrance keepsakes to take with us. (We will have craft items available.)
    • If you plan on staying for the additional activity, please bring any photographs or other memory items you may wish to use.
    • Feel free to bring any supplies you may want to use and/or share.     

Feedback from owners that have attended this part of the ceremony has been positive. Owners have talked about this part being a nice way to actually talk with others that are experiencing similar feelings about their loss. It is a nice way for owners to share their special memories about the lives of their companions that are no longer with us.

For questions, please contact Joelle Nielsen at or (614) 247-8607    Please park in the Yellow Lot (which has been reserved for the event), and enter where the star is located, on the map.