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  • Fox 28's Good Day Marketplace visits Cardiology
    Fox 28's Good Day Marketplace crew visited the VMC recently to learn all about the specialty cardiology services offered to animals.
  • Protect your pet from household hazards
    One lucky dog is home safely, thanks to observant owners and the Emergency and Critical Care staff at the Ohio State Veterinary Medical Center.

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Companion Animals

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Canine influenza outbreak

A canine influenza outbreak has been reported in the Chicago area. This is a new strain of virus - H3N2 - previously seen only in Asia, according to a report from Cornell University.

Brooke Burton discovered Dennis, a 6-year-old miniature dachshund, in 2013. Dennis had been in the care of Burton's relative, who had been over-feeding the dog with an extremely unhealthy mix of human foods, leaving Dennis at a shocking 56 pounds. He could barely walk.