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  • Summer safety for your pets
    Please read more here to learn helpful tips to get you and your pets safely through the dog days of summer.
  • Study seeks pet owners with weak immune systems
    A focus group is being conducted in late May 2016 to help develop tools to keep immunocompromised pet owners safe when caring for their pets.
  • Phoebe a cat from Missouri saved by dialysis
    Phoebe's a survivor
    After digesting lilies that caused life-threatening kidney failure, Phoebe traveled from Missouri to receive life-saving dialysis at the VMC.
  • Fox28's Good Day Marketplace took a tour of the new ICU
    Take a sneak peek of the new ICU!
    Fox28's Good Day Marketplace crew recently got a sneak peek of the new intensive care unit in the Hospital for Companion Animals.
  • Commitment to Care campaign for hospital enhancement and expansion project
    Buckeye pets are counting on you!
    We hope you'll continue to support the Commitment to Care campaign in support of our hospital Enhancement & Expansion project through 2017.
  • Now available at the VMC: 3 Tesla magnet MRI
    As of May 2015, the Veterinary Medical Center’s (VMC) campus location offers MRIservices on site!

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Do you have a weakened immune system? Do you also own a pet? Researchers at the Wexner Medical Center and the College of Veterinary Medicine are looking for immunocompromised pet owners to participate in a focus group that will develop educational practices to guide safety when interacting with animals. The study begins in late May.

From left: Service dogs Sheba, 4, and Glory, 10

Ann Gazelle and Gail Baldwin rely on their seeing-eye poodles, Sheba and Glory, to get around. It meant a lot to them to be able to bring Sheba, 4, and Glory, 10, to the VMC on May 18 to receive eye exams - free of charge. This was made possible by an annual program created by the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists that provides free sight exams for service animals each May.