Client Pet Photos


We are Buttons and Paws!  We are so excited that the Veterinary Outreach Program came to our house and took care of us. They gave us our vaccines and some medicine for Buttons ears and arthritis. We feel like puppies again!  Thank you!

Hi! We are Pear and Pepper, we love having visitors so when the people from the Veterinary Outreach Program come to our house we get very excited. They come in and look at our ears, eyes, teeth and give us our vaccines to keep us healthy.  They also give our mom some medication that she has to give us every month se we don’t get fleas or heartworm. The Outreach Program takes great care of use so our mom does not have to worry if she cannot afford it.                                                                            


Flint is a 17-year-old beagle whose owner was concerned about him because he was not eating very well and was not acting like him self. When we examined Flint we noticed that he had severe dental disease, which needed to be addressed right away. With funding from the Veterinary Outreach Program, Flint was able to go to The OSU Veterinary Medical Center to receive a dental cleaning.  Flint’s owner said that he is a new dog; acting like a puppy again and is eating without being in pain. She is so happy that we where able to help Flint and is grateful for the Veterinary Outreach Program. Frisco is a 14-year-old Eskimo mix whose owner noticed him having a hard time getting around.  We went to see Frisco and found that he had ear infection and arthritis in his backend. We left some medication for Frisco’s owner to give him for his ears and arthritis. A few weeks later we went back to Frisco’s house to see how he was doing. Frisco was doing great, his owner said his ears cleared up and he was able to move around much better. Frisco’s owner cannot believe the change in Frisco!