Cat Parasite Prevention and Testing

Doctor examines clientIntestinal Parasite Screening and Prevention

  • A fecal Test is recommended annually in all healthy cats to screen for intestinal parasites
  • Intestinal parasite prevention will depend on which products you choose to treat your cat with to fight fleas and ticks, as well as prevent heartworms
  • For more information please visit the AVMA's website

External Parasite Prevention

  • Fleas and ticks can carry serious diseases and we recommend using monthly prevention against fleas and ticks in cats (even indoor cats!)
  • for more information you can visit the AVMA's website

Heartworm Screening and Prevention

A heartworm test (blood test) is not currently recommended annually in all healthy cats to screen for heartworm disease in dogs

  • If cats are demonstrating asthma like symptoms, we may recommend testing for feline heartworm disease
  • We recommend monthly preventative against heartworms to be given year round in cats (even indoor!) as all it takes is one mosquito bite to pass on the deadly parasite
  • for more information visit the American Heartworm Society's website