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Grant Application

Grant Proposal Application & Instructions

To be used for Canine, Equine, Paladin and USDA/Animal Health/Formula Funds type grants

For your convenience, the grant application template is available as a Microsoft Word download:

Instructions are available in pdf format (you will need {{AdobeReader}} to view).

When is an animal use protocol required? The following document contains information on whether your project requires IACUC approval or approval from the Clinical Research/Teaching Advisory Committee.

Regulatory Information

C. Glenn Barber Fund Application & Instructions


  • Call for Canine Funds - Deadline 10/16/2017
  • Call for C. Glenn Barber Funds - Next call will be in Spring of 2018
  • Call for Equine Funds - Deadline 10/16/2017
  • Call for Feline Funds - Next call will be in Spring/Summer of 2018
  • Call for Paladin Funds - Specific to Toy and small breed dogs, can be submitted with Canine Fund applications