DNA Methylation

Study title

Genome scanning for aberrant DNA methylation in canine lymphoma.

Purpose of study

DNA promoter methylation frequently occurs in human cancers. We hypothesize that methylation plays a key role in canine lymphoma.This study will uncover key cancer genes that may serve as diagnostic markers and targets for molecular therapies in the future.

Inclusion criteria

Dogs must have a diagnosis of multicentric lymphoma with no evidence of circulating neoplastic lymphocytes and no previous therapy.

Diagnostics, treatment and compensation

Tissue samples will be obtained via needle biopsy prior to starting chemotherapy. Peripheral blood samples also will be drawn and analyzed.This study is utilizing samples from another OSU oncology study (Lymphoma Gene Microarray), which is already covering the cost of biopsy sample collection.

For more information on this study, please contact the Oncology and Hematology service at (614) 292-3551.