Professional Activities

Memberships in Professional Societies
1) 01/2001 – present      American Society for Microbiology
2) 01/2006 – present      American Society for Virology
3) 10/2009 – present      Society of Chinese Bio-scientists in America
4) 01/2014 – present      American Association for the Advancement of Science


Editorships, Editorial Boards and Journal Reviews 
1) Associate Editor (assign peer-reviews and make decisions on ~8 manuscripts per year)
05/2012 – present           Virology Journal (BioMed Central, London, UK)
2) Invited Guest Associate Editor
05/2014                          PLOS Pathogens 
3) Editorial Board Member (review ~ 16-20 manuscripts per year)
08/2007 – present           Retrovirology: Research and Treatment  (Libertas Academica, Auckland, New Zealand) 
02/2009 – present           Retrovirology (BioMed Central, London, UK)
08/2011 – present           Emerging Microbes and Infections (Nature Publishing Group, Shanghai, China)
04/2012 – present           Journal of Virology & Antiviral Research (SciTechnol, Henderson, USA)
4) Ad hoc Journal Reviewer (review ~ 20 manuscripts per year)
2005 – present                AIDS, Journal of Virology, Virology
2006 – present                AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses, AIDS Research and Therapy, Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
2007 – present                Journal of Experimental Medicine, Journal of Medical Virology, Retrovirology, Retrovirology: Research and Treatment, Trends in Immunology
2008 – present                Blood, Journal of Biological Chemistry
2009 – present                Expert Review of Proteomics, HIV Therapy, Immunotherapy
2010 – present                Journal of AIDS, PLoS ONE, PLoS Pathogens, Viruses, Virus Research
2011 – present                Journal of Visualized Experiments, Journal of Clinical Investigation, Emerging Microbes and Infections
2013 – present                Biochemistry
2014 – present                Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, Journal of Leukocyte Biology, PNAS, Nature Communications.


International and National Review Committees
(a) International Review Committees (Invited Reviewer)
1)  10/2009     Human Frontier Science Program, Strasbourg Cedex, France.
2)  05/2011     The Research Foundation Flanders, Belgium.
3)  12/2011     Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, Swindon, UK.
4)  07/2012     The Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, Lisboa, Portugal.
5)  02/2013     The Research Council, University of Leuven, Belgium.
6)  03/2013     Medical Research Council, Swindon, UK.
7)  04/2013     The AIDS Fonds Netherlands, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
8)  11/2013     The Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, Lisboa, Portugal.
9)  03/2014-    Andy Kaplan Retrovirology Prize review committee. Cold Spring
Harbor Retroviruses annual meeting.
10) 04/2014     Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, Swindon, UK.
11) 05/2014     Research Grants Council of Hong Kong, China.
12) 07/2014     The Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, Lisboa, Portugal.
13) 11/2014     Career Development Awards, Medical Research Council, Swindon, UK.
14) 01/2015     Excellence Prizes of the Research Foundation – Flanders, Belgium.


(b) National Review Committees (Invited Grant Reviewer or Evaluator)
  NIH Study Section Regular Member (6-year term, 2-3 times service per year)
  07/2014 - 06/2020       AIDS Molecular and Cellular Biology (AMCB).

  NIH Study Sections (Ad hoc Member)
  1) 11/2006     Immunity and Pathogenesis in AIDS (Special Emphasis Panel, SEP).
  2) 06/2009     Challenge Grants Review Panel 21 (SEP).
  3) 07/2010     HIV Immunology and Vaccine (SEP). Bethesda, MD.
  4) 12/2010     HIV/AIDS Vaccines (SEP). Bethesda, MD.
  5) 04/2012     HIV/AIDS research related pre- and post-doctoral fellowships.
  6) 03/2013     HIV/AIDS research related pre- and post-doctoral fellowships.
  7) 12/2013     AIDS Immunology and Pathogenesis (AIP). Washington DC.
  8) 01/2014     AIDS Special Emphasis Panel (ZRG1 AIPJ 09)
  9) 03/2014     AIDS Molecular and Cellular Biology (AMCB). Los Angeles, CA.

  Foundations and Institution Review Committees (Invited reviewer for grants/fellowships)
  1) 07/2009     MacArthur Fellowship candidates, The MacArthur Fellows Program,
John and Catherine MacArthur Foundation, Chicago, IL.
  2) 08/2009     The Campbell Foundation, Fort Lauderdale, FL.
  3) 03/2010     amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research, New York, NY.
  4) 11/2012     New Investigator Awards from the Center for AIDS Research Developmental Core,
University of Washington and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, WA.