SCAVMA lecture April 21, Dr. Meghan Herron

Avoiding issues with new dogs - A talk with Dr. Meghan Herron, April 21

A white coat is only the beginning

White Coat Ceremony honors student achievement

ACVO eye exams

Free eye exams for service animals in May at VMC

Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine and US News and World Report

Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine Ranked #5

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A canine influenza outbreak has been reported in the Chicago area. This is a new strain of virus - H3N2 - previously seen only in...
In a recently reported article by The Columbus Dispatch, a Western bird-flu strain identified as avian influenza, or H5N2, hit...
Cute but Risky? - Assistant Professor of Equine Practice, Dr. Jonathan Yardley stated that "30 percent of baby chicks from...

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