VPM Faculty Strengthens MPH-VPH Programs at the University of Gondar, Ethiopia

Four faculty members of VPM (Drs W. Gebreyes, A. Hoet, B. Molla and T. Wittum) traveled to Gondar (May 21-July 27, 2012) to deliver modular courses to MPH-VPH students and interested faculty at the University of Gondar. The modular courses delivered include “Food safety and foodborne diseases”, 3 credit hours; “Introduction to molecular epidemiology of infectious diseases”, 2 credit hours; “Epidemiology of zoonoses”, 3 credit hours  and “International trade and public health”, 2 credit hours. The curricula for the MPH-VPH program at the University of Gondar were designed in collaboration with the Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine, OSU.  Airfare, hotel and meal expenses were covered by the University of Gondar. OSU signed MOU with the University of Gondar in 2010. 

Group Photo