Veterinary Public Health Centre for Asia-Pacific

VeterinaryPublic Health Centre for Asia-Pacific (VPH-CAP)-  (Chiang Mai University, Thailand):  The Chiang Mai University (CMU) is the first higher education institute in Northern Thailand and is one of the comprehensive institutions of higher learning providing a broad range of academic programs in Thailand. The University currently offers undergraduate  and postgraduate and graduate diploma programs to more than twenty-five thousand students. In addition, among the international masters and doctoral programs being offered the Veterinary Public Health Center for Asia Pacific (VPH-CAP) heads the  Master of Veterinary Public Health program (MVPH) which began in 2003/2004 for the Southeast Asia Region. It targets young and mid-career veterinarians and other professionals (natural, agricultural, medical sciences) from the Southeast Asian region with a background and training needs in zoonoses control and food safety. The Ohio State University with its College of Veterinary Medicine has been collaborating with the Chiang Mai University, College of Veterinary Medicine since 1999. These include student exchange programs and since the establishment of the student exchange and research collaborations with the Chiang Mai University, a number of professional DVM students from OSU have been successfully accomplished their study abroad programs through Dr Nongunch Inpanbutr from the Department of Veterinary Biosciences mainly on elephants health and behaviors.  In 2009, Dr Gebreyes was also invited as a keynote speaker for the “Asia Pacific Foodborne Zoonosis Symposium” organized by the Chiang Mai University, Thailand.