University of San Francisco Valley

University of San Francisco Valley (UNIVASF): UNIVASF is a new public university, founded in 2004, and is the first multi-state Federal University in Brazil. Located in the heart of the semi-arid region (Petrolina, Pernambuco state) in the northeast of Brazil, UNIVASF trains and conducts scholarly activities that are of priority for states of Pernambuco, Bahia and Piaui.  UNIVASF has five campuses, with a comprehensive Petrolina campus with health sciences such as medicine, nursery and pharmacy. The agricultural sciences campus with veterinary medicine, agronomy, animal science and biology is located within close proximity. The university offers undergraduate and masters programs and is focused on multidisciplinary training consistent with one health approach. UNIVASF is one of the three partner Northeastern Brazilian academic institutes that have been involved in the pilot initiative to establish the VPH-Biotech global consortium in pathogens at the human-animal-ecosystem interface.