University of Gondar

University of Gondar is one the partner institutes in VPH-Biotech Global Consortium and was established in 1954 as public health training center and gradually changed to college of Medicine and Health Sciences and then upgraded to University level in 2003. It is a comprehensive university composed of different colleges and schools offering degrees (bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees) in medical, veterinary, public health, business and management, social science and humanities, agriculture etc., all housed on contiguous campuses with a nationally recognized teaching hospital. OSU signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the University of Gondar in 2009. OSU also facilitated and assisted the University of Gondar in designing an MS program in Public Health with specialization in Veterinary Public Health (MPH/VPH) in 2009 and the program has now accepted students and OSU Faculty will be involved in offering specialized courses and project advisory services.