Transfusion Medicine and Animal Blood Bank (TMS/ABB)

The mission of TMS/ABB is two-fold:

  • To provide a humane source of veterinary blood products for dogs and cats.
  • To provide education to ensure that our blood products are used to the best benefit of the patient.

The TMS/ABB, which is the largest of the six animal blood banks in the United States, currently have actively enrolled 80 dogs and 90 cats donors. Most of them are rescued animals that are placed in foster or permanent homes, they donate typically on a monthly basis or on demand. In the past the blood components were used primarily to treat patients at The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center, but now the TMS/BB have expanded the service to distribute blood products to veterinarians countrywide. There are some terrific benefits and incentives for those who meet the eligibility and typing requirements. All the service asks in return is that the owner/foster parents are reliable in bringing their pet to the Animal Blood Bank for donation.