CVM Global Health Program organized a "One Health" Leadership Workshop in Arusha, Tanzania

The “One Health” leadership workshop was organized in Arusha, Tanzania (July 5-7, 2012) in conjunction with the annual retreat of the NIH Fogarty research and training program. This workshop was designed to provide knowledge in global leadership systems and communication skills using an established “One Health” competencies model. The workshop targeted professionals in relevant health and agricultural fields in academia and government institutes in Eastern Africa.

The key One Health competencies included Meta-leadership skills; Working across discipline and administrative boundaries; Influence vision and strategic approaches; Innovative and relevant approaches. Keynote and plenary presentations on the above mentioned priority leadership topic areas were delivered by invited speaker: i).Environmental Health impact on Global Infectious Diseases (M.  Bisesi, OSU-CPH); ii). Livestock Systems and Climate Change and  (M. Salman- Colorado State University); iii). Establishing a Multi-disciplinary Research and Training Centers/ The KEMRI Wellcome Trust Research Program (K.  Marsh); iv).  Global Food Security and Livestock Systems (M. Salman- Colorado State University) and v).  Lonnie King (Leading Change During Wicked Times-OSU-CVM)

Group Photo