AgroParisTech is a member of ParisTech , the Paris Institute of Technology, which is a consortium of 10 of the foremost French Graduate Institutes in Science and Engineering.

AgroParisTech is organized into 5 departments:

Department of Life Sciences and Health  (President: Pr. daniel [dot] tome [at] agroparistech [dot] fr" href=",717.html">Daniel Tomé)

The department "Life Sciences and Health" focuses on the biological foundations of life and more specifically biology of organisms including humans (especially healthy humans), animal species (especially farm animals and pets), plant species (especially crops), or microorganisms (especially those of interest in technology or health). These areas are studied from the molecular and cellular levels to communities of people and ecosystems using a large range of expertise including biochemistry, molecular genetics, the cellular and molecular biology, integrative physiology, nutrition, immunology, epidemiology, neuroscience and behavioral science , population ecology and communities. 

Partnership with OSU 


AgroParisTech and OSU have established collaborations in the areas of Mucosal Immunology and Food Allergy.

Discussions are ongoing regarding future exchanges, training and research programs in other areas of common interest including, but not limited to, Infectious diseases, Food Safety and Veterinary Public Health.