List of Modules (2014-16 cohort)

The Ohio Dairy Health and Management Certificate Program

(Description of Typical Modules)

Module 1: Dairy Reproduction and Record Interpretation (May 1-3, 2014)

  • Overview of the estrus cycle and its control
  • Dairy records interpretation and trouble-shooting
  • Evaluating and monitoring reproductive performance
  • Ultrasonography and uterine structures
  • Agenda-Module 1

Module 2: Advanced Dairy Reproduction (Aug 7-8, 2014)

  • Strategies to improve fertility in dairy herds
  • Designing and implementing protocols
  • Breeding soundness evaluation (BSE)
  • Replacement heifer management
  • Agenda-Module 2

Module 3: Dairy Cattle Nutrition (Dec 4-6, 2014)

  • Basic and applied principles
  • Feed components, analysis, and interpretation
  • Metabolic changes of transition cows
  • Agenda-Module 3

Module 4: Advanced Dairy Cattle Nutrition (Mar 19-21, 2015)

  • Ration formulation through lactation cycle
  • Monitoring feeding programs
  • Prevention, management, and control of nutritional pathologies
  • Calf feeding programs
  • Agenda-Module 4

Module 5: Leadership and Personal Effectiveness (May 28-29, 2015)

  • Working with Hispanic labor
  • Personal effectiveness and programming
  • Team problem-solving
  • Record keeping systems
  • Agenda-Module 5

Module 6: Economics of Dairy Business (TBD)

  • Understanding basic concepts
  • Setting production and economical benchmarks
  • Factors affecting business decisions

Module 7: Dairy Farm Economics (TBD)

  • Production, costs, and profitability
  • Business plan and cash flow
  • Dairy herd expansion

Module 8: Milk Quality Program and Monitoring (TBD)

  • Milk systems, equipments, and parlor efficiency
  • Monitoring milk routine and milk quality assurance
  • Udder health and mastitis control programs
  • Bacteriology, sampling, and diagnostics

Module 9: Preventive Medicine and Animal Welfare (TBD)

  • Dairy facility and cow comfort
  • Production medicine, diseases, and diagnostic testing
  • Implementing SOPs
  • Manure management

Module 10: Calf Care and Replacement Heifer Management (TBD)

  • Neonatal health management
  • Facilities, biosecurity, and barnyard epidemiology
  • Reproductive programs

Module 11: Dairy Grazing Systems and Economics (TBD)

  • Understanding grazing systems
  • Designing and implementing grazing strategies
  • Management and monitoring
  • Economics of rotational grazing

International Educational Trip: (TBD)

  • Gain awareness and a competitive advantage on how dairy production is accomplished in other regions and countries
  • Opportunity to visit public universities; research and extension units; and exchange experiences with colleagues, dairy farmers, and researchers
  • Understanding global trends on dairy production