2006 "One-Medicine" Conference

Public Health Surveillance Using a "One-Medicine" Approach

Presentations from conference held on June 16, 2006 at the Veterinary Medical Center Auditorium in Columbus, Ohio.

  • Dr. Kathleen Smith--Animal Surveillance & Public Health, What's done at ODH
  • Mr. Loren Shaffer--Early Outbreak Detection Using Veteirnary Diagnostic Labs
  • Dr. Brian McCluskey--Transforming Animal Health Surveillance: The National Animal Health Surveillance System
  • Dr. Sheila Grimes--National Animal Health Laboratory Network
  • Dr. Tony Forshey--National Animal ID Update and Ohio Animal Disease Reporting Initiatives
  • Dr. Richard Slemons--Avian Influenza Surveillance in North American Wild Birds
  • Dr. Michael Wagner--Bioserveillance of Human & Animal Populations: Current & Future Trends
  • Dr. Joe Caudell--Wildlife Disease Surveillance: Past, Present, & Future
  • Dr. Nina Marano--CDC Perspective
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    • MP3 audio