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Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory


Diagnostic pathology-necropsy examination (gross and histology),
surgical biopsy, cytology and clinical pathology from a wide variety of
case specimens (dependent on time of year and service load) including
but not limited to wildlife, companion animal, domestic food animals,
equine etc. Responsible for reviewing case submissions individually and
with pathologist, assisting and individually perfroming necropsy
examinations (under supervision of pathologist), writing case reports
etc. If time allows may assist in field investigations, antemortem
examinations and tissue collection and other projects as they occur.


Associate veterinarians & special expertise

Department of Veterinary Sciences is part of a State University with all resources normaly present at such academic facilities. This deparment also houses the state diagnostic lab. There are 5 residency trained pathologists of which 4 are board certified. There are several lab sections including pathology, microbiology, virology, electron microscopy, regulatory serology, wildlife, WY game and fish, histology, toxicology and clinical pathology. All lab sections are headed by a faculty member and contain well-trained support staff. In addition, the
state lab has a boarded veterinary toxiciologists, wildlife veterinarian, research scientists in a variety of areas and is AAVLD accredited.

Educational Resources

The student will be given an office with a computer, internet access, a dual headed microscope, access to department library with journals and textbooks, access to University library with online journal access etc., weekly rounds to discuss cases, access to audit classes available on


  • Students are expected to arrive on time to lab (as agreed upon by student and primary mentor) and be prepared for the day's activities.
  • Students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times with other students, staff, veterinarians, faculty and clients.
  • Students need to come prepared with proper attire for necropsies and other activities.
  • Students are expected to give their best with daily activities, written assignments, literature searches and interactions with clients,
    faculty and staff.
  • Students will be asked questions and asked to participate in oral discussions, answer questions etc.
  • Students may be asked to present a short seminar, participate in an undergraduate or graduate level course during school semesers, given permission to attend local, state or national conferences etc.

Student Supervision

  • Students will be asked to be present during the business hours of state vet lab and if necessary to stay longer to complete cases, tasks or assignments.
  • Students will have access to the primary mentor cell number to be used during the day to stay in touch, evenings and for emergency
  • Students will have access to several faculty members during the regular business hours of the lab.
  • Students are expected to at least be present Monday through Friday during business days and possibly on the weekends.
  • Supervision or supervised activities versus free time to explore or complete assignments will vary depending on case load and activities planned for the day. A rough estimate for an 8 hour day is half the day supervised and half the day for free, unsupervised work.


Yes, for a small fee.

Practice Information

Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory
1174 Snowy Range Rd.
Laramie, WY 82070

Ph: 307-766-9925
Fax: (307) 721-2051


Updated: 8/3/10
Signature on file: Dr. Shannon Swist

Laramie, WY
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