Waterloo Animal Hospital

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Mixed animal private practice
Mixed animal practice working with dairy and beef cattle, hogs, horses, sheep and goats, alpacas and llamas. A small animal hospital for dogs and cats. 5 veterinarian practice.
  • Dr. Lizabeth Vollmer, OSU 1984
  • Dr. Dwight Boehm, U of IL 1987
  • Dr. Shannon Melliere, U of IL 2009
  • Dr. Michelle Mannino, U of IL 2011
  • Dr. John Pettinger, IA 1993
  • Dr. Michael Richards; U of MO 2011
Students participate in all areas of the practice, helping the veterinarians with farm calls and joining in on hospital cases. We believe in learning by participating. May go on emergency after hours calls if available.
We are open 8 to 6 Monday thru Friday, and 8 to 12 noon on Saturday.
Yes, if they don't mind staying at a doctor's home
Waterloo Animal Hospital
506 W. Park
Waterloo, IL 622998
drliz [at] waterlooanimalhospital [dot] com
Dr. Lizabeth Vollmer
Updated: 03/19/12