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Village Gate Animal Hospital & Pet Resort

to include general wellness care, soft tissue surgery, dermatology,
endocrinology, ortho, dental procedures, cardio, ophtho, GI, practice
management, etc
  • Kristin Caudy, 2003 OSU graduate, practice owner
  • Apryl Barton, 2009 OSU graduate, 2010 completed LSU internship
  • VIN
  • Clinicians Brief, JAVMA
  • Library includes, but is not limited to: Fossums surgery, 5 minute
    consult, Nelson and Couto, Ettingers Internal Med, Saunders Manual of
    small animal practice, Geogis Parasitology, Diagnostic Cytology,
    Veterinary Dentistry for the Small animal practitioner, Handbook of
    Veterinary Neurology, Olmsted Small Animal Orthopedics, The Feline
    Patient , Canine and Feline Dermatology, Gellatt Ophthalmology, etc
  • soft tissue surgery for rescue group patients
  • case management of wellness care and sick patient appointments under Dr. Caudy's supervision
- 10 hrs per day, at least 5 days / week. We are DVM staffed 11 hr /
day during the week, 8 hours on Saturday and 3 hrs on Sundays.
Village Gate Animal Hospital & Pet Resort
1158 W. 3rd Ave

Columbus, OH 43212
(614) 545-4260
(614) 545-4265
Kristin Caudy, DVM
Updated: 02/08/11
Columbus, OH
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