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Veterinary Specialty Hospital, CA

To provide a high quality clinical experience for fourth year veterinary students in a 24-hour multi-specialty referral and emergency practice with an emphasis on high quality technically advanced clinical practice. In addition we have a strong didactic program for interns and externs.
The Veterinary Specialty Hospital is located in a state-of-the-art three story, 27,000 square foot facility. Specialty equipment includes several videoendoscopes, bronchoscopes, laparoscopes, two digital radiology units, on-site MRI and CT scanners, radioactive iodine, nuclear imaging, linear accelerator, fluoroscopy unit, two ultrasounds with color and power doppler capability, electrodiagnostic unit, cardiac telemetry units, Holter monitor, event monitor, ventilator, operating microscope, diode laser, CO2 laser, phacoemulsification unit, an in-house commercial laboratory, and full service 24-hour emergency and critical care service. Each of the six operating rooms is equipped with a multifunction bed-side monitor with capabilities for arterial blood pressure monitoring, pulse oximetry, capnography, and ECG.
The Veterinary Specialty Hospital of San Diego is a specialty referral hospital located in the north coastal area of San Diego. We also have a second satellite location in North County inland (San Marcos). The staff is composed of seven full time board-certified internists, five board-certified surgeons, three board-certified neurologists, two board-certified medical oncologists, two board-certified ophthalmologists, a board-certified radiation oncologist, two board-certified emergency and critical care specialists, a board-certified dermatologist, a board-certified radiologist, and a residency-trained anesthesiologist. Additionally we have a full time staff pharmacist/pharmacologist and a double boarded internist/oncologist who reads cytology samples and oversees our laboratory. Our laboratory is a full service commercial lab located in the adjacent building. A board-certified dentist is on site part-time.

U.C. Davis has their Southern California satellite located at our facility led by Dr. Cowgill, including a nephrology/urology/hemodialysis service and a cardiologist. We work closely with the two board-certified internal medicine specialists and the cardiologist who run these programs.

Didactics: Externs are expected to attend intern rounds on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 8am, radiology rounds on Fridays at 9am, grand rounds on at 8am on the first Thursday of each month, and any afternoon IM rounds provided by the residents. They are also expected to help round the overnight intern with the IM intern.

Journals and books are available in the Specialists' office, and computer databases are also available throughout the hospital.

Morning soaps: Externs are responsible for helping the IM intern with completing all of the morning soaps by morning rounds (8:30am on M, W, F, and 9am on T, Th). If possible, they should soap the same patient daily as long as the patient is hospitalized. If they were involved in an appointment that leads to hospitalization, they are urged to soap that patient through the duration of the hospitalization.

Extra experience: If the extern has completed all responsibilities, he/she is expected to observe IM appointments and/or procedures going on throughout the day.

New consult appointments: Externs are expected to sign up for two new consult appointments daily on the appointment schedule posted in the rounds room. If there are not enough new consults available, they should substitute these requirements with recheck appointments. Once the extern has observed appointments for an appropriate period of time, they may be asked to start new appointments for the specialists or residents (TPR, history). The extern is not responsible for completing the exam sheet unless asked to do so by that specialist. The extern should follow the patients seen in these appointments through any procedures that occur through the day (ultrasound, scoping, etc.). If this patient is hospitalized, the extern should soap this patient through the duration of hospitalization. If the patient needs discharges, the extern is responsible for finishing discharges at least 3 hours prior to discharge and letting the resident know the discharges are complete. The resident will go over the discharges with the extern.
Evening rounds with the resident: Externs are expected to present the two cases they are responsible for to the resident. The resident will go over the exams for these patients with the extern.

8-10 hours/day, and 5 days/week
Veterinary Specialty Hospital
10435 Sorrento Valley Road, #100
San Diego, CA 92121
Steve Hill, DVM, MS, DACVIM
Posted: 02/26/14
San Diego, CA
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